Hearing Aids and Long-Term Audiological Care for $99 Per Month

Priced to Deliver You What You Need, Now and Always

Sleek, Professional, Leading Hearing Aids

Connected, Discreet Hearing Technology

Powerful, near-invisible hearing devices with clear and resounding sound quality bespoke to your exact level of hearing.

Full Loss & Damage Warranty

‘Sleep Easy’ Loss & Damage Guarantee

If your hearing devices decide to play “hide & seek” or they require repair, you’re fully covered.

An Agreement Between You, and Us.

No Finance or Credit Checks

Unlike anything seen before in the hearing care industry, there is no credit agreement or financing. This is an agreement between you and an accredited local provider.

Audiology Help Whenever Needed

On-Demand Audiological Care & Support

Your hearing health will be cared for by an esteemed audiologist with a methodical care plan including remote adjustments, support and cleanings.

Stay Up To Date With Technology

Seamlessly Upgrade Technology Every 36 Months

Every 36 months, you will receive brand-new hearing technology to ensure you’re wearing the most powerful and discreet devices available now and in the future.

Everything Included

No Hidden Charges

From your batteries to your domes, filters and waxguards, every part of achieving better hearing is fully inclusive with no hidden or unexpected charges.

Why Better Hearing 4 Life?

A rocket would never have put a man on the moon without human intelligence, and the same thesis is true when it comes to your hearing.

Because although hearing technology will amplify your hearing, the expertise and brilliance of an audiologist is the critical part of the jigsaw that will allow you to achieve better hearing.

“Better Hearing 4 Life” was developed to ensure that regardless of your financial circumstances, you can invest in the high levels of audiological care that you need to care for your hearing health and enrich your ability to connect.

With a fully-inclusive package that consists of great hearing technology, a relationship with a local certified audiologist, and everything that you could ever need, including an affordable monthly fee, you’re able to get the best of both worlds, both now and forever.

What’s Included?

How It Works

Apply to See if You Qualify

“Better Hearing 4 Life” has been developed to ensure that everybody can receive high-level audiological care to achieve better hearing. The application process ensures that this solution is the best for you.

Invitation to a Tele Video Consultation

If you qualify, you will be invited to a Tele Video Consultation, this online call will allow you to discuss “Better Hearing 4 Life” with your local certified audiologist to discover if it’s right for you and ask any questions.

Schedule In-Person Appointment

You will be invited for an appointment with your local certified audiologist where you will have a comprehensive hearing assessment to determine if you have a hearing loss and the options that are available to you. You will then be able to move forward with “Better Hearing 4 Life” by making a small down payment of $690, and then a flat, affordable monthly fee of $99 to receive audiological care for life.

30-Day Risk-Free Trial

The initial “wow” moment of discovering what your hearing challenges have caused you to miss can be surreal. You will have 30 days to experience your newfound level of hearing with the confidence that if you decide that it’s not right for you, then you can return your hearing devices at any time.

Receive 5-Star Care and Support

You will then receive 5-star audiological care and support for life, ensuring that your hearing is cared for by an audiologist and you receive everything that you could possibly need at no additional expense, including batteries, domes, wax guards, and all of your appointments.

Upgraded Hearing Technology Every 36 Months

To ensure that you stay up to date with the latest hearing technology,  you will then receive brand-new hearing technology every 36 months to ensure you have access to the latest features, the newest processors, and the best performing hearing technology available.

Hear From Your Local Provider

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